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Nice Tool

Great potential, but from time to time I get an error when I import a track -> "over_query_limit". Any fix? Thx

Incredibly useful app

Been using the app for a while now and I find it incredibly useful for planning walks to get a gauge for how far a route actually is. The one feature Id love to see added is Apple Watch support, where it calls out to you to turn at various points (or pulse your wrist). Particularly now the Apple Watch can support GPS.

User Friendly

Great App! Love how o dont have to remember to start it before starting a walk. Great for mapping out a route and deciding where to go


Gives me more variety in the places that I walk while maintaining my daily Mileage/Time goals. Love the App.


Works well, but it took a bit of fiddling to figure out how create multiple portions. Initially disappointed. App could use a "help" or "tips" button instead of just an "upgrade" button.

Super useful and well done

Snap to roads works really well, even follows bike/pedestrian paths very precisely.

I really love this app. It does everything I need for planning out great runs.

Were vacationing on Maui and I wanted to do an adventure run on the road on the north side of West Maui past Honolua Bay. The app not only gave me exact distances (so I could plan exactly where to start in order to reach a small village with great banana bread) but also gave me the elevation profile. I love this app. It lets me try out different possible running routes to choose the ideal one. Having the two options ("snapping to" existing roads or free-drawing the route) is also perfect. Free-drawing is great when Im off-road. On the other hand I couldnt have planned todays run without the "snapping to" feature, because I was going on a VERY winding road. Highly recommended.

Fantastic. Top 5 on my phone

Top 5. Camera, Instagram, snapchat, Safari, this app This app is 100% up my alley. Im only an hour or so into using it and Im already in love. This is an app Ive long dreamed off. I am a human powered activity enthusiast and this app accommodates that perfectly. First trip is a cycle tour and mapping it out is as easy as taking a felt pen to a paper map, except I can share/edit and fine tune with a simple few touches. It even shows hiking trails in the backcountry of the Canadian Rockies or the cycle trails of towns and cities. The "draw" and "snap to road" features work on the trails too. Or you can just press and hold to magnify an area and the app automatically comes up the route involving trails and roads. Dont like what you see? Hit delete and manually draw it out for a bit and give the auto fill another try.

This ones a Gem!

Being a map fanatic of sorts I own many different map apps (for their many different features) but this one has my heart. I just love this clever app for the way it works- simple and quick! I hope Footpath is supported for years to come- its awesome!!

Great app to come, but still needs significant troubleshooting

A great app to come, but still needs significant troubleshooting under iPad Pro & iOS 10.1.1 (or iOS compatibility update?) Addresses in search field dont show position marker on map, so unable to determine accurate locations in dense cities Tap & hold doesnt work on iPad Pro, adds a position marker Doesnt compute shortest route in running mode in town, keeps following one-way streets. When looping path, deletes original location of landmarks (too bad when sightseeing places of interest) Doesnt sync between iPad Pro & iPhone 6 under iOS 10.1.1 Will uninstall and ask for refund.

Love the altitude tracker on the map

This is a wonderful tool for planning a walk, hike, run, or bike ride, but also works when you map it after a walk. Im always happily surprised I went that far! This app keeps getting better and better with each new version. Its great to see how your elevation changes right on the map when you run your finger on the altitude bar. Fantastic tool! Love being able to map out on my iPad and get in my iPhone.

Great app

I walk around town and never new how far I went With this app it is easy to trace your path and get your mileage

Great app for runners!

This app has been awesome for tracing my exact routes and figuring out my distances! Being able to draw the root exactly as you ran it bit by bit is much easier than using Google maps or the like, where you plug in a start and end point and it gives you the shortest routes. This is the perfect app for figuring out the distance you ran after the fact!

dont believe the hype

this app will not give me an accurate representation of my starting point but yet will start my run from a place I didnt request at all. and there is no way to change it.

Save your money

The app is in no way user friendly. It takes several attempts to map a route, and most often it "reroutes" a completely obscure course than that which was outlined. Very bizarre. It is completely in accurate, some routes are 25% off the actual distance. Its a good idea but the idea did not come to fruition in this app.

Love this App

Great for mapping out new or current routes to motivate your walk/jogs.

Could better or easier to use

Using this for biking I had to plot out like every 15 miles to make sure it kept on the bike trail system from Cincinnati to DC even though the trail covers about 75% of the ride. It was set to biking but loved putting me on interstates, or would just put a line through an area with nothing road or trail-like. It assumes I want to carry my bike and supplies across a river? And...where do I get the turn-by-turn directions? Looked at the Elite aspects to this and it didnt indicate it allows that feature. After getting flustered with this for 3 hours I realized Google Maps allows you to search specifically for a bike trail between two points. *sigh*

A Winner!

I use Strava and Ride With GPS along with this app, and I have to say that, while each has individual attributes that excel, this app is what I find myself turning to first. It has the features I need most for day-to-day riding, a clean interface, and little or no learning curve. The developer has done a great job!


Such a useful tool for people that are new to an area that they want to bike or run. The snap to roads feature makes routing very simple. Literally look at the map, drag your finger where you want to go, and it will make a route for you. It also will give you the altitude for the trip that shows you an overall change in elevation as well as showing you where the high and low spots are. Love it. Such a great find!

Super easy to use

Love this app. It is extremely easy to use.

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