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Great app

Really convenient; easiest app to track runs and distances

Easy to use

This App is intuitive and easy to use. Being a Cross Country coach for years, I know how tough other Google map pinning apps can be. I recommend without reservation.

Im using it as a travel app for Paris

Easy and excellent. How about adding notes?

Great route planning app!

This app is great to use for planning long training runs and safe cycling routes.

Its a great app

Im keeping track of my mileage for work and this helps me to figure out distances, especially if I forget to record my odometer reading after work which is often. It solved the problem that I wanted to solve. Come on Google maps get this feature for iPhone!!

Such a Great App!!

Loved this!!! So great for mapping a route!! BEFORE the run!!!

It works worldwide... I used to travel a lot, different places and is great

I use it all the time, everywhere precisely!!

Route finder

I love to run in places I visit and when I train I dont want to take off have to figure how to get in the mileage I want while I am running. I use this app to create routes in unfamiliar areas or for setting distances for new routes in my neighborhood. I love it and it seems to really accurate on calculating distances

Gets the job done

Respectable route map app and delivers solid map


Very good and accurate!

A great app for traveling runners

I travel on business, and I want to run wherever I go. This app lets me plan my runs effectively.

Great app to come, but still needs significant troubleshooting

A great app to come, but still needs significant troubleshooting under iPad Pro & iOS 10.1.1 (or iOS compatibility update?) Addresses in search field dont show position marker on map, so unable to determine accurate locations in dense cities Tap & hold doesnt work on iPad Pro, adds a position marker Doesnt compute shortest route in running mode in town, keeps following one-way streets. When looping path, deletes original location of landmarks (too bad when sightseeing places of interest) Doesnt sync between iPad Pro & iPhone 6 under iOS 10.1.1 Will uninstall and ask for refund.

This is great!

Perfect for traveling and looking for a running route thats the right distance.

Love this app!

Great for travel, and measuring my existing runs, even those I did years ago. Easy to use. Thanks


Love this app! The best for calculating miles

Basic Route Planner

I like the app for the fact that it is basic. I dont want bells and whistles. I want easy route making. I travel a lot and would appreciate some map suggestions by location. Speaking of location.. my biggest complaint is the fact that you have to enter an address to start the run. Where is the current location function?!


Perfect App for running or walking. Tells you your distance and elevation change. Ideal if you travel outside your normal running/walking environment.

Worth every cent.

Makes planning accurate runs a breeze. Threw away my GPS watch!

Does what it promises

Takes a little practice to finger-draw a path that will snap just to the streets you had in mind. Easy (and often necessary) to draw in segments, mixing snap and non-snap portions, although it can get tedious deleting, since erase is sequential by last-drawn segments only. Plan on paying one more time if you want more than the bare minimum function. Includes and provides easy switching between half a dozen street, satellite, topographical and specialized walking and cycling maps - basic price is worth it just for those.

Super route planner.

This app lets you plan routes around your house or almost anywhere where you travel. I use it all the time.

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