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Footpath Route Planner - Running / Cycling / Hiking Maps app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 2192 ratings )
Navigation Health & Fitness
Developer: Eric Wolfe
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.2.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 07 May 2013
App size: 27.23 Mb

Footpath lets you map routes in seconds.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of running or riding without a phone, forgot to record a GPS track, or want to plan out your next hike or race, Footpath allows you to map out your routes quicker and easier than ever before, all without GPS.

Its easy:
• Draw your route and watch it snap to roads and trails.
• Press and hold on the map to automatically calculate routes between points.
• No roads or trails nearby? No problem, just zoom in and draw your routes free-form by tapping the magnet.
• View elevation profiles for your routes to gauge difficulty.
• Share your routes via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Footpath Elite: Go the extra mile
• Available via in-app purchase
• Automatic syncing. Plan a route on your iPad and keep it on your iPhone for reference when you’re out.
• Save unlimited routes. Great for trips, logs, or planning out the week ahead.
• Want to change up the routine? Edit any of your saved routes to create new ones.
• Premium topo maps and enhanced snapping to trails: USGS Topo Maps (U.S. and Canada) and OpenStreetMap (Mapbox Outdoors, Mapbox Outdoors Satellite), OpenCycleMap, & Thunderforest Landscape. Great for the outdoors and areas not covered by Google Maps.
• Export your routes as GPX & KML files to your computer or other apps such as Google Earth, or share your routes to friends with Footpath via Airdrop or email.
• More advanced features to come!

• Try drawing your longer routes in multiple segments for better accuracy
• If you see a road or trail overlay on the map, it can usually be snapped to
• Try zooming in for more accuracy
• If you need to route between unconnected roads, connect them by temporarily turning off snapping
• Tap "Loop" to quickly calculate the quickest route back to the start
• Tap "Out & Back" to automatically trace your route back to the start
• Try switching to driving mode to ignore trails & footpaths or to use highways. Perfect for road trips.
• Calculate your routes offline by preloading the maps beforehand and drawing without snapping
• Import routes from other apps. Send a GPX file to your device and use the common “Open In…” menu to open the route right in Footpath.

Footpath is designed for runners, hikers, walkers, and cyclists, but can and has been used for everything from kayaking & swimming to deliveries, travel, & road trips—even to land planning.

Hit the road and forget about GPS.

For any issues or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

Pros and cons of Footpath Route Planner - Running / Cycling / Hiking Maps app for iPhone and iPad

Footpath Route Planner - Running / Cycling / Hiking Maps app good for

Great potential, but from time to time I get an error when I import a track -> "over_query_limit". Any fix? Thx
Been using the app for a while now and I find it incredibly useful for planning walks to get a gauge for how far a route actually is. The one feature Id love to see added is Apple Watch support, where it calls out to you to turn at various points (or pulse your wrist). Particularly now the Apple Watch can support GPS.
Great App! Love how o dont have to remember to start it before starting a walk. Great for mapping out a route and deciding where to go
Gives me more variety in the places that I walk while maintaining my daily Mileage/Time goals. Love the App.
Works well, but it took a bit of fiddling to figure out how create multiple portions. Initially disappointed. App could use a "help" or "tips" button instead of just an "upgrade" button.
Snap to roads works really well, even follows bike/pedestrian paths very precisely.

Some bad moments

A great app to come, but still needs significant troubleshooting under iPad Pro & iOS 10.1.1 (or iOS compatibility update?) Addresses in search field dont show position marker on map, so unable to determine accurate locations in dense cities Tap & hold doesnt work on iPad Pro, adds a position marker Doesnt compute shortest route in running mode in town, keeps following one-way streets. When looping path, deletes original location of landmarks (too bad when sightseeing places of interest) Doesnt sync between iPad Pro & iPhone 6 under iOS 10.1.1 Will uninstall and ask for refund.
this app will not give me an accurate representation of my starting point but yet will start my run from a place I didnt request at all. and there is no way to change it.
The app is in no way user friendly. It takes several attempts to map a route, and most often it "reroutes" a completely obscure course than that which was outlined. Very bizarre. It is completely in accurate, some routes are 25% off the actual distance. Its a good idea but the idea did not come to fruition in this app.
Using this for biking I had to plot out like every 15 miles to make sure it kept on the bike trail system from Cincinnati to DC even though the trail covers about 75% of the ride. It was set to biking but loved putting me on interstates, or would just put a line through an area with nothing road or trail-like. It assumes I want to carry my bike and supplies across a river? And...where do I get the turn-by-turn directions? Looked at the Elite aspects to this and it didnt indicate it allows that feature. After getting flustered with this for 3 hours I realized Google Maps allows you to search specifically for a bike trail between two points. *sigh*
Wanted to see the distance on a few of my routes I walk or would like to try. Didnt want one of these map my run things because I dont like to have devices with me when I actually walk/run. This was very hard to use. When you tap a finish location it doesnt do anything and/or goes to the wrong place. Then tells you after 5 saved maps you have to upgrade. Ha no. Ill keep doing it the old fashioned way - drive it first.
The maps and streets are beautiful, but it is frustrating to draw a map that Ive given up on the app. I have been totally unable to draw my 1 mile route through the neighborhood streets in 2 weeks of trying. The app wants to do its own thing, mostly asking me to upgrade to the elite version. It is not intuitive or user friendly. There is no help or assistance. There are more instructions in an IKEA kit to use than this app.

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