Footpath Route Planner - Running / Cycling / Hiking Maps アプリのレビュー

Amazing app!

I love this map for how simply and quickly I can map out routes along so many trails and roads. Great for route planning for runs and hikes. The traceable elevation profile is a great feature. So glad they updated the app again after a few years.

Nice idea, Poor implementation

Nearly impossible to read the available are for routing. Please don’t waste you money on this app.

Easy to use, works great!

I use this to do quick routes for walks or runs and also use it to do quick layouts to use for ride with gps for my bike rides. It’s so quick and easy to modify and create a route.

The best route planning app

This app was the reason I bought an iPhone. Period. Allows me to plan my routes and, importantly, check elevation profiles.

Love it, but

Love this app! The only setback is I’ve recently received a lot of error messages when it says “snap to road is unavailable” which is annoying.

Needs voice directions

Needs a voiceover for directions.

No sidewalk/trails snapping

I downloaded this app as it said that it would snap to trails however the only thing that I can get it to snap to are streets. I’ve tried several times, used the different types of maps and zoomed in as far as it would go trying to get it to snap to the trails/sidewalks to no avail. Pretty much like using the ‘paths’ in Google Earth except this wasn’t free.

Worth it

works fantastically

Clunky, hard to use for long distance

The drawings don't really go where you want them to--the app has a hard time figuring out not to turn you around on bridges, for instan ce. Also if you want to go more than a very short distance you have to go through the clunky process of moving the map, pushing draw again, drawing, undoing six times until the thing reads where you want to go, then pushing done, then moving the map and repeating until your route is complete. And if you want to make a change to your route, forget it-you have to start over. It's a great idea and on its way to being something that could resolve routing without a computer handy, but honestly it's disappointing for a paid app. It works like an early beta test at best.

Great for Planning/Mapping Running Routes

I use this app to pre-plan and route every new running route. Extremely easy to use and straightforward.


I like the ease of finger-drawing routes in Footpath. Seems to work well. I see the results can be exhorted to gps devices, etc. I would like to simply either have it give me turn-by-turn directions on my iPhone, either through the App itself, or a direct import/copy into Google Maps or Apple Maps. I'd like to be on my walk or run and here my iPhone tell me to "turn left", "turn right", etc.

Easy to Use

Very easy to use and share routes. I build it for finding running routes around town.


Love this app. Perfect for what I need, calculating distance for my walks.

Finally been found

I'm so happy with this app and for a dollar it's a steal. easy to use, option to save your routes and you get to name them. Simple and straight to the point.

Used to be amazing... but broken

Amazing app for quickly tapping out routes. I used to choose this over using my computer to create apps. Now, however, the snap-to-roads only works intermittently (probably a downed server), and the elevation profiles have been mostly broken for months. I’d stay away for now, but I hope they fix it!

Great app, but backend is falling down

I use this app almost daily to plan my running route for the day and it's great. I tell everyone I know to get it. However lately it's started to go downhill. Very frequently, when drawing a new line, it will error with "Snapping to Roads Unavailable". I assume it's calling out to something on the backend that's getting overloaded, because I'll get this 5-6 times in a row and then it will work. This is a more recent occurrence, for a long time it worked flawlessly. Fix this and you're back to five stars, but ultra annoying until then. (You can get a similar error when looking at elevation profile, which I also assume makes a backend call somewhere).

Do not buy it just a .99 demo

You can't do much with the .99 are limited to 5 routes (2 of which are saved for you already) It wants you to spend an additional 4.99 to unlock all the features and the drawing is not as simple as it sounds

I would have paid $30

Amazing app for planning runs. Seriously this is a gem.

Not many trails

It uses google map so most trails are not available


Just got this, but have already experimentally plotted several known running routes. It's accurate, and I'm excited to plot new routes with it.

Great tool for planning running routes

Great tool for planning running routes

Not worth it

Not great for planning long runs. Unable to edit once drawn. Wish I wouldn't have spent the money.

Easy Peesey, Lemon Squeezy

Skip Map My Run and Map My Ride. No complicated instructions. Just trace your fingers over Google Maps and save. Terrific app.

Awesome app



I don't like to carry my phone when I run. This app allows me to plan my run and get accurate mileage without having to use GPS. Also let's me scout out runs before I travel.


This is a great app. Very useful for planning my work-outs.

Great for cycling

I use it to plan cycling routes. It's very simple, clear and direct, and lets me explore many alternative routes.

Good for planning, tracking routes

Either before or after your walk/ride, this is a good app for figuring distance travelled.

One of the most useful apps I have

I'm in the Marine Corps and don't always have a gps available while I run so I love that this app is so accurate and user friendly

Training routes

Great way to plan your routes. Especially helpful during marathon training for your long runs!!

I love this app!

I rarely remember to start Map My Ride before I head out. This app lets me document the ride after I return and gives me the miles ridden and elevation gain.

Super useful

Mapping tools work great. Just discovered the sharing tools. You can send a map to a trailhead. I've been using this app for years with only good results.


Works awesome to plot courses for workouts in areas that are unfamiliar.

Keeps losing snap to road function

It's a real pain when I want to quickly check a distance and the snap function stops working. So far the only fix is to restart my phone. Well there goes the quick usefulness of this app. Otherwise, I'm really pleased. Just fix the snap to road...

Phenomenal App

So intuitive, incredibly accurate. Tons of capability in this app for any outdoor enthusiast.

Unbelievable awesome

I can put in words how great and impressive this app is to evaluate my run before and afterward. Distance and elevation helps me map my training on easy and hard days. The bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great for Route Planning

It hasn't been updated in a while, but it's still the best resource I've found for planning a running route before hitting the pavement. I've tried a handful of alternatives, but nothing else seems to come close in terms of functionality. I would love to see development of this app continue. I'd even pay a subscription fee to support it!

What's the point?

Without it providing turn by turn directions, what's the point of having this app?


Love it

Tower Grove Park

Beautiful well maintained Park. Great for dogs.

Great for planning running routes

This app is super easy to use without any of the annoying traits I found with similar apps. I can trace a route the involves tracing over sections I already have with no problem. It has snap-to as well as free hand tracing. I love it.

Love love this app!!!!

I love this app, I use it all the time. Super easy to use and works all over the world.

Just works.

Can't miss download. Indispensable for traveling and planning out longer routes.

Fantastic App

I have been searching for an app like this for a while. It helps me simulate mileage for runs and biking. This app works great for both.

Great app for planning bike routes

Easy to use. Mileage matches up well with distance measured on bike.

Great App

Love it.

Elite upgrade

How do I remove the constant requests to upgrade to elite?

Love it!

This is the app I've been looking for for quite some time. I really appreciate the sharing options; it pairs well with my turn by turn running app which isn't as good for route creation and lacks an iPad version. Thank you! Some time later and having forgotten that I had already reviewed, I came to say exactly the same thing. My opinion hasn't changed except possibly to be even more enthusiastic.

Great walking and hiking tool!

A big part of my walking regiment. Love it!

just what I was looking for

I wish there were better instructions for using it, but after a little trial and error I am loving using this app. I am training for a long backpacking trip and it is fantastic to be able to lay out practice routes in Rock Creek Park near my home and have a very precise knowledge of how far the route is -- including over wooded trails -- and how much elevation I will gain and lose.

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